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Toilets Change Lives

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Two billion people around the world lack access to basic sanitation, impacting human dignity.

Toilets Change Lives

Two billion people around the world lack access to basic sanitation. Without proper facilities, women must wait all day for the cover of darkness for privacy and safety just to relieve themselves, children can succumb to life-threatening, sanitation-borne diseases, and millions of girls miss school because menstruation becomes too hard to manage.

The global sanitation crisis stands in the way of health, safety and dignity for billions of people. We know that providing access to toilets or hygiene education can change the future of entire communities and, as we celebrate five years, we do so with our eyes to the future.

Toilets Change Lives launched with the company's Andrex brand in 2014, growing into a large-scale multi-national commercial program incorporated by other Kimberly-Clark family brands around the world, including Neve, Scott, Suave and Baby Soft.

In 2019, Toilets Change Lives provided resources in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala and South Africa to bring sanitation services, access to clean drinking water, and hygiene education in partnership with its customers and NGOs, including Water For People and WaterAid.

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"Toilets Change Lives" Celebrates Five Years
Program has grown to 16 countries and impacted 1.5 million people through improved access to sanitation.
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Watch an animated short film showing how her life has been positively impacted by gaining access to safe, clean toilets.